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LunaRose 1-9

author - genre: Crintleod | other
size - dimension: 7,439 Kb | 510 x 500px

played - rating: 574 | 3.60/5

Hey peeps, my videos are kinda too weird to understand, but please don't let that stop you from giving your feedback. I am very curious to hear what you have to say no matter how brutal it is. And I've gotten quite a few zero ratings already and I'm still confident so yeah don't think it will hurt my feelings.
SYNOPSIS: In an era where death has been cured and people travel the world and conquer artificial dungeons for experience points, Naylu and her guild of rich teen monarchs have won the right to broadcast their adventures. However, today is their day off as they must attend a festival that celebrates the last thousand years of world peace. Naylu is not happy to waste time on such a meaningless historical celebration when there are more important things to worry about, like protecting her dragon farm from zombies and aliens who will reveal themselves any day now! Today's Aesop: A strong woman doesn't necessarily seek a husband stronger than her. It is possible for a woman to be a controversial leader and still prefer a spineless airheaded spouse. Strong men have preferred weak spouses for centuries.

This is Klyzed the Cobalt King, and you will applaud if you are a true citizen. I should not have to explain anything to you. If you don't know, it is your fault and I don't pity you. And don't you dare give me a sob story. My best friend was beheaded in front of me when I was ten years old because he was weak, so don't show weakness under the assumption it will get you anywhere. I give millions to charity and that is enough. I want each and every one of us Fuserchaters united under the holy flag. Fuserchate was the most powerful country in the world before and we can do it again as long as nobody badmouths the holy government. And I alone will speak for both God and the people.

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